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Welcome to New Era Fencing Limited, where innovation meets tradition in the construction realm. Since our inception in 1999, we’ve been at the forefront of shaping Jamaica’s landscape with our range of services, from yard fence installations to landscaping and beyond. As a limited liability company since 2003, our growth is a testament to our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Join us as we continue to build tomorrow’s landmarks today, leaving an imprint of quality and excellence in every project we undertake.

Our Vision for the Future

We are working towards a sustainable future. Helping you to secure and maintain your property.

From yard fence installations to roofing, our hands-on approach and personalized service have made us the number one fence company in Jamaica. Join us on a journey of innovation, reliability, and unmatched professionalism, as we continue to redefine construction standards.

Our History, Our Story

New Era Fencing Limited started as a partnership in 1999 supplying and installing chain link, barbed wire, razor wire and block-wall fence on a small scale. During that time there was a need to be filled in the fence industry. Personalized fencing business where the management related directly with the customers and prospective customers became our priority.

We Are Growing to Serve You

As a result, we were able to produce a hands-on approach to the type of products we offer to the customers. This helped us to move from a little no name business in 1999 to the number one fence company today. We have moved from a partnership to a limited liability company since November 2003 and we are still growing.

What's Happening Now

We recently expanded and relocated the company to 15 Keesing Avenue, Kingston 10.

Over the years, our rapid growth has led us to undertake diverse projects, ranging from comprehensive fencing solutions for major industries and government bodies to providing tailored services for individual homeowners and businesses of varying sizes. 

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