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Choose from our wide range of services to meet your home or business needs. Our team of experts works assiduously to meet every deadline and to deliver your expectations. 


Our carpentry services embody professional craftsmanship in its designs to deliver to you the finest products.


Elevate your spaces with our expert masonry services, to build enduring structures that stand the test of time. Get a free estimate today.


We offer top-notch electrical services, ensuring safety and precision in every installation for homes and businesses. Get a free estimate today.


Step into sophistication with our flooring service, where quality meets style for a foundation that defines your space.


Revitalize your space with our painting service, where precision meets creativity to bring your vision to life in every brushstroke.


Experience seamless elegance with our window installation service, where expertise meets innovation to frame your view with style.


Forge strength and precision with our welding service, crafting durable solutions that seamlessly blend security and aesthetics.


Every issue that arises will be explained in detail. It’s time to start planning your adventures. Get a free estimate today.


Secure your space under expertly crafted roofs, where durability and aesthetic appeal converge to shelter your dreams. Our roofing services go beyond protection, offering a spectrum of options from traditional to modern designs, ensuring not just structural integrity but also enhancing the overall architectural charm of your property.

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New Era Fencing is your go-to partner for a wide array of professional construction services. With expertise in yard fence installations, carpentry, masonry, electrical work, flooring, painting, window installations, welding, landscaping, and roofing, we offer end-to-end solutions for residential and commercial projects.

Decades of Expertise

Established in 1999, New Era Fencing boasts decades of experience in the construction industry. Our journey, from a modest partnership to a thriving limited liability company, reflects our commitment to evolving with the industry while maintaining core values of craftsmanship and professionalism.

Skilled Craftsmanship

At the core of our professional services is a team of skilled craftsmen dedicated to delivering exceptional results. From the intricate details of carpentry to the robust structures created through masonry and welding, our craftsmen bring precision and passion to every project.

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